Victory Mountain Camp

Summer Intern Program

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Contact Info: or 336.465.8279


“Interns” - are servant leaders and learners that bring their God given gifts and talents to affect the next generation for Jesus Christ.  Our interns are a paid position for six weeks of the summer and will include involvement in camps for many different ages.  We are excited that this is something that you are interested in and can’t wait to welcome you to the hardest work with the biggest reward!  

You, as an intern, will play a vital role in our camps.  Servant Leadership will be the theme to your time at Victory Mountain.  It will be a time of investment into the lives of others as others invest in you.  A willing heart and a teachable spirit are the key characteristics that we seek in our interns as we prayerfully ask God’s direction in your involvement. 

You will be paid a weekly stipend, receive room and board, and gain extensive leadership development.  There will be challenges and benefits as we all grow together.   We provide hands-on experience that cultivates life skills and personal connections.  You don’t have to be going into the ministry to apply, but you need a deep Love for God, a strong Love of People and are not afraid to Get Your Hands Dirty - to qualify. 

Our Motto: “It can’t get bad enough for me to complain”. 

Our Mascot: “Gumby” – You always have to be flexible.  

What Kinds of things will I be doing as an Intern at Victory Mountain?  

There are all kinds of opportunities in food service, sports management, coaching, ground maintenance, cleaning and ministry.  What are you gifted in?  What talents do you bring?  We have jobs for you, but you will bring the heart and soul!   

Will I be counseling and will I be staying in a cabin with students? 

No, there is a difference between an intern and a camp counselor.  

Interns are selected and paid …

 - to accomplish every day tasks at the camp

 - to keep everything up and running smoothly

 - to facilitate the needs of the campers

 - to facilitate the needs of the staff


This doesn’t mean you will not have contact and exposure to the campers and staff - you will.  You will be able to make a real difference in students’ lives while working, playing, learning, and praying right along with them. 

You will experience accountability, responsibility and leadership skills through interacting with students and directors.  This is hands on, real life, experience!  

The opportunities are endless and the potential for growth is limitless!  But…You will work hard!  So, Come and Join us!  

How do I become a Victory Mountain Camp Intern?  

First - you must apply! 

Next - You will be contacted for an interview with camp staff after submitting the proper paperwork.  You will need a reference from a pastor, student ministries pastor, or, a church leader.  Our response will take a couple weeks to complete.

What else?  

You’ve explored options for next summer, you’ve prayed and asked God for wisdom and direction and you’re ready to apply…What happens next?  

  1. Interview – Once your application is submitted, our intern coordinator will email or call you.  This puts personality to your paperwork.  
  2. Once a decision is made, our staff will contact you.  
  3. Upon acceptance, you will be invited for a day of training and team building.  This is mandatory for your involvement as a Victory Mountain Camp Intern.